Clean Structured Wiring Installation at Cherry Creek Mortgage – (Server Media Rack in the Woodlands)

Structured Wiring Installation - WoodlandsHaving a clean structured wiring installation in your media room can really make your life easier.

So when Cherry Creek Mortgage reached out to us for designing and installing their structured wiring and IT closet for their new office, we knew we’d be building a clean system for them.

This is Cherry Creek Mortgage’s central IT and Automation closet.

We installed this in the Woodlands, Texas branch (of the company that is based out of Denver).

Lighthouse Technologies did their prewire design, installation, and and trim out as well as the audio/video hardware installation and setup of the automation in the office.

This is for their new office in the Woodlands (@ Market street).

In their office, we built out a Savant system to automate their daily routines.

This gives Cherry Creek Mortgage full music and TV control in their office space via any IOS or Android device.

Within the system currently, there are 8 zones of speakers and 3 TV’s.

These are all set up on a straightforward video matrix system.

Structured Wiring Installation Built For Expansion

Cherry Creek Mortgage plans to expand into the office space next to them.

So we designed this structured wiring installation installation all-the-while keeping that in mind.

We built the rack and structured the wiring so that this will be a very scalable solution for them.

When they expand into the additional office space, this same IT closet and equipment racks will be used to serve their new training facility, as well as their employee break room.

What’s Wired In The Rack

So, looking at the rack here, you’ll see there are 2 towers side by side.

The left rack is for all of the IT network (data, WAP’s, VOIP phones, etc) needed to run their office.

The right rack is for all of the audio/video/automation equipment.

You can also see that as part of the structured wiring installation, we kept all the cables and cords neat and tidy.

This helps Cherry Creek Mortgage to have an office that has a clean, professional look for visitors.

Having a clean and structured wiring installation can also help to quickly troubleshoot any issues.

It’s not likely there will be issues, but if there would happen to be, it will be easy to troubleshoot them in the future.

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