Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation In the Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, and North Houston

What does it look like when your life and home can automate tasks for you?

Well, imagine a world where you have your own personal assistant.

Your personal assistant is tasked with knowing everything you like about how your home is set up.

This helper goes to work for you to make sure your home works exactly the way you want.

That’s how smart home automation works.

C4 Thermostat wireless automation

A Day with Smart Home Automation

Here’s an example of life in your smart home:

Smart Home Automation App
Nest can be an easy way to add smart home automation.
Morning Home Automation

Your day begins.

But there’s no buzzy or beeping alarm clock.

Your favorite music plays in the background.

The thermostat in the house adjusts to 72 degrees.

The shades rise, letting in the sun.

This all happens automatically at the time you prefer to wake up.

From your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can change or automate any settings you have set up.

So you press your pre-programmed button that you call “breakfast”.

As you do this, a voice (you’ve chosen) tells you what the weather will be like.

It also scans the fridge for groceries you may be low on.

You listen to your favorite news or sports updates while you enjoy breakfast.

An email is being created of the items in your fridge that need to be purchased.

This email is scheduled to be sent to the grocery store 2 hours before you leave work.

And that’s all before you’ve left home!

Home Automation While You’re Away

As you leave the house, you press the button marked “away”.

The entertainment system goes to sleep.

The house lighting adjusts, the thermostat adjusts, and the security system wakes.

Your home security system, complete with a Ring doorbell, keeps a watchful eye on everything in your home while you are gone.

You go about your day and do whatever work or errands you have planned for the day.

On the way home, you stop by the store and pick up your groceries.

(Remember, your smart home automation already made a list, ordered what you needed, and paid in advance.)

Home Automation In The Evening

As you near your home, your phone’s GPS lets your home know that you’re on your way.

The automation settings go into effect.

When you arrive in the driveway, proper temperature is set, the vacuum has returned to it’s charging dock, and everything else inside is ready for your return home.

One touch of the button on your phone activates landscape and interior lighting, so that your path is lighted as you walk in.

Once inside, your favorite music follows you throughout your home.

Looking down at your smartphone, you can see that your home security settings are now changed.

Your home is here to serve you, and everything else in the house is set exactly how you like it.

This is all possible through smart home automation.

How About A Real Life Home Automation Example

Here’s a quick video of a guy who programmed his Amazon Alexa to start the coffee pot.

In the video he also shows how Alexa was programmed to:

  • automate his Roomba to vacuum
  • automate his coffee machine (like the kind you might have in a 7-Eleven) to make a cup of coffee

Home Automation Isn’t the Future

So, is all of this the future?

  • Is it true that home automation will be controlled with our voices?
  • Is it true that our homes we live in will be as smart as we are?

Yes! It really is the future.

It’s also the present.

Everything you’ve just read about is possible through today’s home automation technologies.

Welcome to your perfectly automated home.

In almost any home, we can set up options that keep you and your family entertained, comfortable, and secure.

  • Can you imagine a home where your every whim is executed at the touch of a button?
  • Do you live in The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, or North Houston?

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