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Thank you representation for Savant Ambassador

We are a top-rated Savant Systems dealer and Savant installer in Montgomery, Conroe, The Woodlands, and north Houston.

In fact, as a company, we recently achieved the level of Savant Ambassador. What that means for you is that we have been honored by Savant for our excellence in understanding and installing Savant systems for more than 10 years now!

Watch this video to get an idea of some of the things that Savant can do to automate your home and your life.

Below you can find some of the basics about Savant, as well as some highlights of Savant systems we’ve built for homes and companies.

Savant Systems Examples:

Here’s a structured wiring picture of a system we installed in the Woodlands.

This Savant system powers the office for Cherry Creek Mortgage’s office.

See more about this Savant system:

Reading the post here

Network Rack for Home Automation

What else can you do with a Savant System?

Here’s a quick overview of Savant.

Simple controls, using Savant on an iPad:

Here’s an example of a morning routine put into place using a Savant system

What can a Savant Home system do?

The question is better answered by saying what Savant can’t do… which isn’t much.

However, here are some ideas of what you can do with home automation with Savant, right here in Houston, just like the hundreds of homes we’ve worked in over the past 15+ years.

  • Control any light in the house from wherever you are.
  • Save energy by setting your system to turn off lights in empty rooms.
  • Schedule outdoor lights to turn on and welcome you home after work.
  • Tap or say “Goodnight” to turn off anything/everything your Savant Home with a touch or voice command.
  • Adjust the thermostat remotely so you’ll be comfortable when you get home.
  • Schedule shades to close at mid-day for effortless energy efficiency.
  • Set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy.
  • Keep an eye on your vacation home through home security features, and/or with alerts about extreme cold or humidity.
  • Close the shades, lock the doors, and set the alarm even after you’ve left the house.
  • Create different settings for a “lived-in” look to keep your home safe when you’re gone.
  • Easily monitor your cameras to keep an eye on things from anywhere.
  • Speak to people at the door, gate, or guesthouse using the intercom feature of Savant’s TrueControl App.
  • Customize a Sonos playlist to match the mood in any room.
  • Stream HD video from Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and more—there’s always something on.
  • Tap “Movie Night” to dim the lights, turn on the projector, and automatically recline your seats.
  • Watch up to nine things at once on the big screen through the Savant TrueControl App.

If you’re looking for other kinds of home automation systems, take a look at our Smart Home Automation page.

We have installed hundreds of Savant Systems in The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, and North Houston.

We are also a premiere Savant dealer in the region.

We’d love to help with any Savant or home automation questions you have.

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