Run System Updates: How and Why to Update Your System

How to Run Updates On An iPhone:

How to Run Updates on Android:

How to run updates In Windows (Windows 10)

How to run updates on a Mac

There are many other devices, apps, and and other device types/software that you could run updates on.


What if I’m told to run updates while surfing the web?

The key point is that you should run updates frequently, but also be careful to be sure you’re running legitimate updates.

If a browser window pops up and tells you to run updates, don’t do it.

Chances are very good that most of the software and devices you use will have a built in place for running updates.

So why should you run updates?

We think we covered it pretty well in this month’s newsletter. In case you haven’t read it already, we’ve re-posted it below.

Traditionally, May is home security month here at Lighthouse Technologies.
This year, we can think of nothing better to secure your home (even if you don’t have a “smart home”) than one simple piece of advice:
Run updates.
You may not pay attention to security news.
So a quick recap just from this month:
  • An app called WhatsApp (with hundreds of millions of users) was hacked with a simple phone call (and the person receiving the call didn’t even have to answer it)
  • Intel (the company that likely makes the processor for most of your devices) disclosed that their chips built (since 2011) can be hacked at the chip level.  This could grant access to a hacker for anything that has ever gone through your device(s).
  • That’s just 2 of many stories we could share.

What does that mean?

To summarize what that means in real terms…

Any sort of written communication about anything in your life, if it was running through an Intel chip (which it likely was), had the potential to be hacked.

Think about any email or text message you’ve ever sent.

Maybe you’ve sent someone:
– Your garage code
– A place to find the extra key for your front door.
– Instructions for taking care of your pets while you’re on vacation
– Etc.

The good news:
These vulnerabilities were exposed by companies who are hired to find vulnerabilities.
And device and software makers are quick to respond to these threats.
They release updates for these issues, once they’re discovered.
Those patches can only help you if your device runs those updates.
What to do now:
You may want to check your devices (phones, laptops/desktops/etc.) to be sure they’re set to regularly run updates.
In summary:
These days, home security starts with information security.
We’re encouraging you with this reminder this month:
Run updates on all of your devices, automatically and regularly.
If we can be of any help to you with any home security questions or anything else for your smart home, please contact us.
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