Outdoor Home Theaters in the Woodlands, Montgomery, & Conroe

Hearing your favorite music or watching your favorite show is a great way to make your outdoor time even better.

Take a look at the outdoor theater environment at the Lighthouse Technologies Demonstration Home, (which includes underwater speakers)!

What would it mean to you to have a space in the outdoors where you really could have a theater -type experience?

Could a company really give you everything you wanted in your outdoor home theater?

We’d like to be that company for you, just as we have been for hundreds of other homeowners in the Woodlands, Montgomery, Conroe, and North Houston.

An Even Better Time Outdoors

More and more homeowners are looking to the great outdoors for recreation and relaxation, but they want the experience in their own backyard.

And why not? Coming home to a space that is relaxing, comforting, and a nice place to spend time with friends and family.

With advances in all of the technology that powers home theaters (both indoors and outdoors) it’s the perfect time (and north of Houston is the perfect place) to add outdoor entertainment in your life.

We have installed hundreds of outdoor home theaters (and audio solutions as well).

We’re looking forward to creating your outdoor oasis with you.


Outdoor Home Audio

Whether you’re swimming, shooting baskets, gardening, or resting, music makes it all the more fun and relaxing.

Outdoor controls can be added so you can access your system from anywhere you happen to be.

That makes it easy to raise or lower the volume or change selections.

Speakers and screens can be hidden and are available in a variety of ‘stealth’ designs.

Outdoor Home Theaters

For the ultimate in outdoor entertainment, we recommend an outdoor Home Theater.

Here’s an example of a Custom Television Installation we did near Conroe.

A water-resistant screen and sound system are installed by your pool, deck or wherever we can get the best results.

This makes outdoor movies and sports events great fun, all year round!

The Woodlands outdoor home theater
Outdoor home theaters

This outdoor home theater (in Montgomery) has a TV right next to the pool.
(Don’t worry… the TV is waterproof and stands up to hurricane force winds and rain.)

Theater By The Pool

An indoor/outdoor space we built in the Woodlands

Outdoor Home Theater Conroe

There’s a really neat water feature on this Outdoor Home Theater

outdoor home theater woodlands

Another example of an amazing outdoor home theater

Let’s chat about what you would like from your outdoor home theater and audio.

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