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stolen jewelry finger monitor with cameras Do you do work in old Magnolia?

I need cameras installed inside my home.  I have had 2 maids steal from me.  I have alarms on most drawers & cabinets.  I know one of them went through 3 drawers and took things.  If I get another one looking for a five finger discount, I want them on camera so I can post it on the internet.


To answer your first question, yes, we do work in Old Magnolia.

And we know from personal experience that it can be challenging to trust people you allow inside your home. We’re so sorry to hear that you have had two separate instances of maids stealing items from your home.  And yes, a camera system can provide peace of mind and help in deterring any future acts of thievery.

Preventing Jewelry Theft By Installing Cameras

jewelry in dresser drawer in Old Magnolia, Texas Installing a camera system in your home, around your home, or both, will give you the ability to easily monitor activity. You can have the cameras set so that you can monitor what’s happening inside your home when you are not present.

Adding cameras that focus on cabinets and drawers is an especially smart idea in your case, as there are solutions we can put in place that are significantly less expensive than losing jewelry or priceless family heirlooms. You also have peace of mind knowing you have extra security against pilfering hands.

And yes, if someone were to still commit a crime like stealing from a drawers, a camera system would enable you to gather evidence and share it with the world so that you would have a way to not only see justice served, but also so that if you needed to, you could post evidence online and that hopefully the public shaming would bring your items back to you.

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes, and often we recommend that you request a quote from several different companies before making a decision on which company and which cameras will be best suits your needs. Of course we’d love it if you choose Lighthouse, but we like to shop around and also we want to be sure you find the best solution for you. When you’re contacting security companies, be sure to specifically mention that you need indoor cameras for theft deterrence.

hand reaching into drawer to steal jewelry Install The Right Size Security Cameras – With Audio?

You should also consider how much of a room or area you want covered by your cameras.

Also, if you perceive the footage may be needed for court proceedings or other legal matters, look for cameras with clearer visuals and perhaps also audio capabilities.

Because the theft may take place in a smaller or less well-lit space, you want to have cameras with the proper capability to record all aspects of the crime accurately.

By installing cameras within your home, you can help give yourself peace of mind, deter suspicion of criminal activity, and catch any potential perpetrators red-handed, should they attempt another five-finger discount at any time in the future.

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