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Smart Homes Save Money On Home Insurance: Woodlands Smart Homes

If you want to save money on home insurance premiums, Smart Home Technology can help. If you have: video surveillance cameras, ways to detect gas leaks, security systems that let you program in settings, etc. there are many insurance companies who will reduce your premiums. Of course, smart homes do come with a price tag,

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Houston Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Cameras Catch Thieves

Knock knock. There is someone at the door. Who is it? Whether or not you are already home, you can see who’s there by looking through your doorbell camera. Today’s smart technology includes doorbells which allow you to see who is standing in front of your door. These doorbells can include all kinds of features

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white echo dot with purple ring

Voice Automation At Home?

If you haven’t yet heard about voice automation technologies like Amazon Alexa or Google home, you will soon! These devices act as an assistant in your home and they can make your life better. They can do things like play music, turn lights on and off, raise and lower shades, and more. Setting the Scene

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Home Automation with Amazon's Alexa

Fun With Alexa: Automating Homes With Conversation

Home Automation Technology Here are several examples of Amazon Alexa automating homes and lives. Yes, you can talk with Alexa and ask questions, and Alexa will do her best to find a response. Alexa doesn’t always succeed, but this technology is very much in it’s infancy. Home automation through voice is here to stay, and

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LightHouse Technologies Newsletter!

Welcome to Lighthouse Technologies Newsletter! Here it is, our first newsletter and the re-launch of our website. The purpose of the Lighthouse Technologies newsletter is to keep you informed about what’s happening in home technology and with our business. Home Automation is a rapidly advancing field and the one we work in every day.  In the weeks

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control4 logo

Pakedge and Control4 Join Forces

Valued Control4 Customers, Today Control4 announced the acquisition of Pakedge, a leader in advanced home networking products and cloud network-management capabilities for both wireless and wired networking solutions. Why Join Control4 With Pakedge? Pakedge brings a really great deep networking expertise and an industry-leading suite of networking, power management, and remote monitoring products.  They also

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Best of Woodlands Online Logo - 2017

Home Automation Best Of The Woodlands: 2016!

You’ve helped us do it again! Thanks so much for helping us to be #1 for Home Automation in the Woodlands! It’s because of your ongoing support for us and our business, year after year, that we continue to receive the Best of the Woodlands award! Other award categories included: Best Home and Commercial Security

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Vote for us: Best of the Woodlands 2016!

Thank you for making us the #1 Home Theater/Automation company in the Woodlands in 2015! We would like to ask for a little bit of your time to vote for us in 2016. We are in 3 different categories this year! Please see below on how to complete your voting. Thank you for your continued

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