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Happy Holiday Hangover from Amazon’s Alexa

It’s 2018, and the holiday hangover may not have worn off yet. So maybe it’s time to buy something! Just kidding. Well, sort of. Amazon seems to be hoping that you still have some money to spend, because Amazon’s Alexa is going to be available on (pretty much) everything by the end of 2018. Amazon

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home automation apps: Why so many?

3 of the Best Home Automation Apps: 2017 Review

Yes, another post about the best home automation apps. But we’re not going to throw a top 10 list at you. We’ve really narrowed it down… to just 3. Reminder: At Lighthouse Technologies, we really recommend getting one full system in place. This allows you to control whatever aspects of your home you are wanting

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houston burglar caught on security camera

Crazy Home Burglars: Caught On Camera

Home burglars are real jerks. How do you stop jerks like these from busting into your home, doing damage, and taking your stuff? How can you feel safe? Home Security Cameras? We recommend cameras installed at home. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive system or something more basic, there are many options available. Canary is

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home automation lets you control anything

Smart Homes Save Money On Home Insurance: Woodlands Smart Homes

If you want to save money on home insurance premiums, Smart Home Technology can help. If you have: video surveillance cameras, ways to detect gas leaks, security systems that let you program in settings, etc. there are many insurance companies who will reduce your premiums. Of course, smart homes do come with a price tag,

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Houston Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Cameras Catch Thieves

Knock knock. There is someone at the door. Who is it? Whether or not you are already home, you can see who’s there by looking through your doorbell camera. Today’s smart technology includes doorbells which allow you to see who is standing in front of your door. These doorbells can include all kinds of features

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white echo dot with purple ring

Voice Automation At Home?

If you haven’t yet heard about voice automation technologies like Amazon Alexa or Google home, you will soon! These devices act as an assistant in your home and they can make your life better. They can do things like play music, turn lights on and off, raise and lower shades, and more. Setting the Scene

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Home Automation with Amazon's Alexa

Fun With Alexa: Automating Homes With Conversation

Home Automation Technology Here are several examples of Amazon Alexa automating homes and lives. Yes, you can talk with Alexa and ask questions, and Alexa will do her best to find a response. Alexa doesn’t always succeed, but this technology is very much in it’s infancy. Home automation through voice is here to stay, and

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