Automated Window Shades

Automated Window Shades? (But I’m Not Lazy!)

Automated Window Shades – More than Privacy When it comes to shades and blinds on your house, most people think that the reason you have shades or blinds is for privacy. And while that is true, closing your shades at night, or during the day, goes a long way to helping save on your energy

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Custom TV Installation in The Woodlands, TX

Custom TV Installations In The Woodlands

Showcasing 3 custom TV installations (as well as mounting hardware). These are from the Woodlands, Conroe, and Montgomery. You will find that we can do pretty much anything when it comes to mounting a television. If you want a TV that Is hidden within a stone Raises with a granite decorative accent Mounts in a

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Amazon Alexa car installation

Install Alexa In Your Car? Using Amazon Echo Dots In Cars

Install Alexa in your car? It really is possible to add Amazon Alexa to your car. One of the nice things about adding Amazon Alexa in a vehicle is that you can truly be hands-free, and control several aspects of your car’s systems. This can include (but is not limited to) playing music calling through

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Home Video Surveillance installation

Why Would I Need Home Security Cameras?

We’ve shared in a separate article how to choose a security camera for your home. But why should you have security cameras at home? Home security cameras can let you do amazing things both inside and outside of your home. In addition to being able to protect your home from burglars, security cameras are good

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Security cameras with a pan tilt zoom

How To Choose Security Cameras For Your Home Or Business

Security Cameras 5 Features to Consider When Considering Security Cameras (For your Home Or Business) This may come as a surprise. However, most home break-ins happen: during the summer months between the hours of 10AM – 3PM (presumably because burglars assume you’re at work during those hours) We are stepping into the summer months now. So, we

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The best of Woodlands for Home Automation - 2018

Home Theater Best Of The Woodlands, 4 Years Running!

2018 Best Of The Woodlands Results are in! We’ve just received official confirmation that we were again voted the Woodlands’ #1 Home Theater and Automation company! A big Whoo-hoo went up around here! It is our honor and our privilege to get to make homes in The Woodlands beautiful automated and easy to control through

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Best Of The Woodlands February 2018 - Home Automation

2018 Best of the Woodlands

How to cast your vote for us for Best Of The Woodlands: (You’ll see that this is 2016’s video, but the same process applies for 2018.) Because of your support and voting the past three years, we have been a “Best Of The Woodlands” company for the past 3 years in a row! We’re looking

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white echo dot with purple ring

An Amazon Alexa Powered Toilet? Really?

Amazon Alexa Powered (Everything) To The Rescue! She can now also connect to your toilet, apparently. Yes, this is a real thing, and Amazon Alexa is slated to go into all kinds of devices this year. But it’s not just Amazon Alexa. It’s also Google Home, Siri, and a variety of other voice automation tools

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