Network Cable Installation

Lighthouse Technologies specializes in network cable installation and design.

We are an installer of choice for many new construction projects, as well as existing infrastructure.

This is because we understand how to send anything over Cat 5, copper, fiber, or through the air.

We work on all sizes of networks. Whether your network is as small as a computer and a smart phone, or extents across multiple buildings on a campus, Lighthouse Technologies has you covered.

We design, install, and support the cabling needed to connect data, voice, and video across your local network.

Wrong Network Cable Installation
Does your cable installation company install cable behind the walls in a way that avoids future interference?
Correct Network Cable Installation in Conroe, TX
You want a cable installer who future proofs your system and prevents issues from the start.

Installations In New Or Existing Construction

If it’s your home or new office that you’re building, and you need cable installed, we will do full walkthroughs of your property with you.

We’ll work with you, even before it’s built, so that everyone is on the same page before the walls go up.

You can control your smart home lighting system while on vacation in Mexico.

You can also expecting your home network to handle 14 different channels of audio, so that each room can play it’s own music or TV channel.

By talking with you and asking questions, we make sure the in-wall cable installation allows for your current and future needs.

Network Cable Installation for Small To Large Companies

If it’s your corporate office and you’re concerned about downtime while upgrading or changing your wiring, we’ll be aware of that as well.

We work with you to be sure that our installation fits with what you’re looking for, while minimizing impact on your office and workplace.

A Clean Network Is A Happy Network

We’re not going to leave you with a mess of cables.

And we often are called on to clean up the cabling mess others have left behind.

If you have ever had someone come to your location to install cable, you might have been left with tangle of wires

It might have been the AV closet in your home, a simple tangle of wires behind the TV, or a major mess in your data center.

No matter how big or small the cabling mess, Lighthouse Technologies can help you untangle your cables.

As your chosen cable installer, we care about what your space looks like, not just about installing your cable.

Network Cable Installation in The Woodlands, Texas
Everyone hates messy cable installations. Yet so many companies that install cable leave things a mess. We clean up your cables for you.
Network cable installation for home automation and lighting system
Having organized cables on your network makes everything easier, and can make your network perform better.

Custom Cabling Solutions

We’re not going to give you a one-size fits all solution (unless you want one).

We’ll work with you to learn more about your existing network (if you have one).

We also ask lots of questions so that we learn how you would like your network to work.

You can feel confident knowing that all of our installations can either be integrated into your LAN or be developed as fully wireless networks.

Then we put a plan together for in wall cable management and/or full wireless connectivity, and install your network so that it will perform and the highest levels of reliability and performance.

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