Media Room Installations

Cable TV, TiVo, AppleTV… there seems to be an endless supply of black boxes to clutter up your video viewing.

It doesn’t have to be a piled up tangled mess of cords and boxes.

What if you could have everything controlled from a centralized media room?

Living room automation and Lighting system
Network Rack equipment for home automation system
This media room installation included a rack that holds all kinds of media, including security cameras, video and audio distribution, and a Savant system.

One centralized media room installation

We can centrally locate ALL of your video sources, from movies on DVD, to Cable, Satellite, and AppleTV.

Future Proof your media room?

We can even future-proof when designing your media room installation.

Think how fast the definition of what “media” means has changed.

When it comes to Video, in the last 30 years we’ve had:

When it comes to Audio, we’ve had:

We can future proof your media room so that it will accommodate pretty much any type of media delivery device that is coming in the future.

A Distribution System for Video, Audio, and Any Other Kind of Media

By designing a video distribution system, all of your video sources are located in a cabinet, or media rack.

We can centrally or strategically place your media room.

This means that the black boxes and everything else sits in an out of the way location (like a basement, attic, or closet).

All you need, when you have everything in a media room, is a device for accessing the media.

Devices for accessing media can be anything:

  • Wall-mounted flatscreen TVs
  • hidden speakers
  • iPads that wirelessly communicate
  • Smart Phones
  • refrigerators (yes, even household appliances can connect to the media room)

Anything that can connect with the media room can play any media anywhere.

So you can start playing a movie in your home theater, even while you’re standing outside of your home.

Basically, you can:

  • watch any source, on any viewing screen (not just the TV), at any time
  • listen to any source, on any listening device, at any time
  • access all of your media, no matter who else is currently watching or listening (wherever they are in the house)

Connect your home security installation to your media room

We can also send your home security system and door cameras through the media room.

This will let you check on who is at the door, or if the baby is sound asleep, without leaving the comfort of your bed or favorite chair.

Your Perfect Media Room

We’re excited to bring you an awesome experience with your media room installation, as well as the video and audio solutions that are right for you.

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