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At Lighthouse Technologies, we strive to provide the best home automation services possible, which is why we are proud to be a Lutron Gold Dealer.

As a Lutron Gold Dealer, we have access to exclusive product discounts, elevated training, and quick response times for support requests.

What exactly does being a Lutron Gold Dealer mean for you, our customers?

Being a Lutron Gold Dealer means having the highest level of expertise, service, and support in Lutron lighting and home control solutions.

We can offer our customers access to products and services that may not be available through other dealers who lack this level from Lutron.

This includes cutting-edge technology that is at the forefront of home automation innovation.

This means we can offer Lutron and Lutron-connected home automation products including:

  • lighting systems
  • automated shades
  • home and business audio systems
  • video systems

We also have access to:

  • exclusive discounts on these services for our customers
  • higher levels of technical training and first priority support
  • cutting-edge technology that stays ahead of the industry’s innovation curve so you always get the most advanced products available

Lutron Gold Level Dealer 2023

Discounted Lutron Products and Lutron Technical Training

In addition to discounted products, we also get higher levels of technical training and garner first-priority support requests with greater speed.

The superior level of service that comes with being a Gold Dealer goes beyond the way we offer service to you, into the industry as a whole.

As a result of this achievement, our company is recognized in the industry and showcased on Lutron’s website as part of their network of providers. This increased recognition helps promote both our company and Lutron’s name while providing more visibility within the industry itself.

We understand that quality service is key when it comes to installing systems into homes or businesses—that’s why being a Lutron Gold Dealer matters so much to us at Lighthouse Technologies. With comprehensive technical training coupled with exclusive product discounts, our team has access to one-of-a-kind resources while delivering top-notch results each time we work with you.

Knowledgeable Lutron Installers and Operators

Our knowledge as certified experts lets you rest easy knowing your system will function properly according to your specifications; no matter how complex!

Rest assured knowing that by choosing Lighthouse Technologies for your home automation needs you are getting nothing but exceptional care — because we are an authorized dealer for some of the most groundbreaking technologies available in today’s market through companies like Lutron!

Lighthouse Technologies works to stand out from competing home automation companies in The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, and surrounding areas through delivering unparalleled customer service and installation experiences every single time.

With this continuing status as a certified Lutron Gold we do just that!

When you choose Lighthouse Technologies, you know you can rely on receiving superior products at unbeatable prices, while having access to high tech lighting solutions maintained by trained professionals who know how versatile these products truly are.


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