LED BackLighting Installations: Game Rooms, Bedrooms, & Outdoor Spaces

LED accent lighting in The Woodlands Texas: Game Room White Lights The importance of lighting can not be overstated. With the right kind of lights, bedrooms can become places of relaxation and tranquility while game rooms can be exciting spaces filled with energy. Living and entertainment rooms can have various moods, which can be changed or modified easily.  And it doesn’t require moving furniture or buying anything new… instead you can enhance the focus or soften a feature in a room, all with lighting.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of installing LED accent lighting and mood setting lighting for homeowners looking for upgrades in their homes. People come to us having heard about the potential of using LED lighting to set the mood in their home, but often there’s hesitancy for how to proceed, because there are so many options when it comes to lighting. 

Outdoor LED Accent Lighting
Outdoor LED Accent Lighting

LED Accent Lighting Outdoors

Outside lighting is also important for creating an inviting environment on the exterior of a home or building. Even just having a couple of light bulbs controlled from a mobile app can help you celebrate holidays like Christmas, or special events like your favorite sports team playing in a big game. Controllable outside lighting is also great for hosting parties, having quiet summer nights sitting outside in spaces around the firepit, or simply looking up at the stars.

All of it can be controlled from an app – making it easy to create whatever ambiance you want!

Game Room LED Accent Lighting The Woodlands Texas

We have been really pleased with clients’ positive reactions for how everything looks after we install LED lighting strips and color-changing light bulbs both inside and outside. If it’s a whole house install, people can sometimes be reluctant to make the investment at first.

Sometimes we’ll make recommendations for simple backlighting for a TV or lighting under steps or around an outside bar. 

Homeowners Love LED Accent Lighting

Without fail, clients really enjoy the feeling it brings to their home – whether they’re hosting parties or having quiet nights at home.  

If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside or outside your home, installing LED lighting strips and light bulbs is an investment worth making.

Not only do these lights provide excellent accents in bedrooms, game rooms, and entertainment rooms, but they also give you more control over your environment by allowing you to adjust lighting levels easily via mobile apps.

Whether through a system like Savant that can easily control all aspects of an entire home or office, or something more basic just as a starting point, we find that people consistently start hesitant but come out being pleasantly surprised by the results. 

We hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you!


Bedroom In The Woodlands Texas - LED Accent Lighting behind TV
LED Accent Lighting sets the mood in this bedroom
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