Home Security Cameras: A Welcomed Impostor?

Thief caught on a doorbell cameraWe’re all too aware of the negative implications that can come with owning a home (or a business with a physical presence):

  • Potential burglaries
  • Lawsuits (from someone’s accidental fall)
  • Theft
  • Etc.

These are often concerns that lead people to install home security cameras.

However, positive things can also come from having security cameras on your property.

Instead of telling you, we’d like to show you. Click play to watch the embedded video above.

When thinking about security cameras, it’s easy to think about all of the negatives you’re trying to capture on video. 

Cameras In Businesses

Especially in businesses, security cameras can stir up a bit of controversy. The news here in Houston has, on more than one occasion, had stories about employees who have had objections to being under constant surveillance.

Often, people will note that it is an ‘invasion of privacy’ to be regularly monitored, and there have been cases in Texas where employers were taken to court.

In businesses, it’s best to have employees sign documentation at the time of hiring to let employees know security cameras are there for safety, and to get their agreement, at the time of hiring, that their activities will be recorded.

Home Security Cameras

In home settings, yes, we have helped people know when the kids come home after curfew, caught break-ins, etc.

But consider the positive potentials as well.

However, our PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras have helped clients see:

  • fun interactions happening between friends and family members
  • nature and wildlife around their property
  • when packages have been delivered

We’ve also installed a variety of 2-way communication options (through smart home connected doorbell cameras, for example) which also provide other measures of protection and convenience too.

If you’ve been considering security cameras, or are considering adding more cameras, now is a great time!  Technology is always changing and improving, and prices on these once unreachable technologies are often surprisingly affordable.

Give us a call or send an email to share your ideas, and put us to work building a custom solution for you.

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