Lighthouse Technologies: Home Automation Specialists

Welcome to Lighthouse Technologies:

We are your home automation specialists in The Woodlands, Texas.

We serve the greater Houston area, while specializing in home automation solutions specific to the kinds of homes that are built in and around the Woodlands.

Before we get started…

… Home automation means a lot of things to a lot of people.

For most, what it means is having your home automatically do the things you want it to do, with complete simplicity.

But there are so many possibilities.

Want to be able to have your home automation system run from an iPad?
We can do that.
We do all the time.

Want to make sure your home automation system will work for both your Apple system and your PC system?
No problem.
In fact, we’ll even show you how to run the system from your Android, iPad, and/or iPhone, once we custom build your solution based on the way you want your home to be automated.

Want to be able to dim the lights, turn on your favorite music, and start the jets in the tub, with the push of one button?
We’ve got you covered.

Whether your project is large or small, give us a call and let one of our home automation experts help you today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact a home automation specialist in The Woodlands today! 832-605-6924

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