Lighthouse Technologies has over 12 years of experience designing and installing home audio and video.
We install everything from off the shelf products to complete custom home electronics systems.
We work throughout Montgomery, the Woodlands, and surrounding areas.
Our team is a great choice to have your project done right!

Smart Home Automation

Welcome to the world of the perfectly automated home. A home that keeps you and your family entertained, comfortable and secure. A place where your every whim is executed at the touch of a button.

Window shades and lighting system controller
Lighting and shading automation systems in Denton, Texas

Lighting and Shades + Control

Automated lighting and motorized shades and drapes let you create the perfect setting for your home. With the touch of a single button, you can select scenes for different scenarios, such as “reading,” “cocktail party,” or “movie viewing.”

Home Theater

Sit in your cinema recliner, touch a button, and let the show begin. Select a movie or concert from your library. Our theaters can be concealed and tailored to any interior decor.

Home theater projector installation and lighting systems automation
Lighting and shading automation systems in Denton, Texas

High-performance Music

One of the best-loved conveniences for your home is music on-demand that plays wherever you are. Music makes a house into a home.


One of the best-loved conveniences for your home is video-on-demand that plays wherever you are. You can watch any movie or show from your DVD, iTunes or streaming video collection in any room, on any display, at the highest levels of quality. No clutter, no special furniture, no carrying software or gear from room to room.

Light and Shading Atutomation systems in Abilene, TX
Rooftop TV area automation

Outdoor Living

The weather is heating up. The days are longer, the nights shorter. You look to the great outdoors for recreation and relaxation.

Security Cameras

We specialize in providing state of the art views of your home no matter visible on your smartphone. Whether you’re in need of a simple camera for your Nursery or a full integrated Life Safety, Access Control and Monitoring system, we have the expertise to help you choose the right system.

Best home Security Camera Systems in the Woodlands
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