Hidden Media Rooms: Houston And The Woodlands

Clean And Hidden Rooms for all of your Media

Here at Lighthouse Technologies, one of the features we offer is consulting on how and where to most effectively place the media servers that power your homes and offices.  For this particular homeowner in the Woodlands, they worked with us to place all of their media in a hidden room behind a bookshelf in their condo.  You can see as we step into the hidden room that all of the cables and equipment are neatly organized into a clean and moveable server rack.  The benefit for you as a homeowner is that you have a clean and defined place for all of the technology components powering your home, giving you the comfort and protection of knowing that your equipment is physically secure, and also, in the case of a hidden room like this, secure from theft. 

 For the owner of this Woodlands condo, we also installed headphones where he can listen to what’s playing in any of the zones in his home.

It’s also secure from power surges due to the industrial grade surge protection installed on this server rack.

Because we have extensive experience from working in more than 5,000 homes and offices in, and around the greater Houston area, including the Woodlands, we have the background and expertise to provide you with a customized media room solution that will be clean and secure, and provide your home or office with the latest media offerings.

Give us a call or visit us online at www.OneLighthouse.com. 

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