In 2012, a homeowner in The Woodlands, Texas, turned to A/V integrator Lighthouse Technologies to provide outdoor A/V for a new $600,000 pool pavilion at their residence. In addition to TV and streaming music for the pool, hot tub, and outdoor bar, one of the client’s highest priorities was simple, intuitive control over the entire system.

For the pavilion, Lighthouse Technologies installed two 55-inch Samsung displays that drop down from the ceiling of the outdoor bar – and can swivel 360 degrees – via Auton lifts. Another 60-inch LED TV is mounted behind the bar, while two additional displays were installed inside. Content is driven to the screens from a DirecTV receiver and an Apple® TV. Audio is provided by a three-zone Onkyo amplifier. To provide the homeowner with simple control, Lighthouse Technologies utilized solutions from RTI.

The control system features RTI’s RP-1 remote control processor with integrated receiver and the company’s XP-6 control processor, which offers built-in RS-232 ports, relays, IP connectivity, and seven IR outputs. To facilitate integration of third-party devices such as the Onkyo receiver into one seamless and cohesive system, the processor utilizes powerful two-way drivers that provide the user with instant feedback.

The homeowner has complete control over the system on a waterproof iPad® via the RTiPanel app, which offers unique features such as full two-way feedback, dynamic scrolling lists, a completely customizable user interface, and more. In addition, the pavilion includes a dedicated handheld controller – the sleek T1-B – in the event that the iPad is not fully charged, is being used for other tasks, or the WiFi has gone down. Providing the most intuitive control possible for the homeowner and guests, Lighthouse Technologies created macro-programmed “easy buttons” for the iPad and T1-B


“What really makes this installation special for the homeowner, however, is the displays that drop down from the ceiling… and to be able to control it all from an iPad while in the water is the ultimate ‘wow factor.”

Brian Kraft – Owner, Lighthouse Technologies

CaptureThe customized buttons synchronize all speaker zones to the same source and turn the TVs in the same direction with a single button press. If desired, zones and displays can also be controlled on an individual level.

“The project wrapped up in June, and the homeowner has been extremely happy with the control system, in terms of both reliability and ease of use with the ‘easy buttons.’ For us, RTI’s Integration Designer™ made it quick and simple to create these customized buttons and deliver this level of functionality to the client,” said Brian Kraft, owner of Lighthouse Technologies.

This article was originally found on RTI’s website

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