Custom TV Installations In The Woodlands

Showcasing 3 custom TV installations (as well as mounting hardware). These are from the Woodlands, Conroe, and Montgomery.

You will find that we can do pretty much anything when it comes to mounting a television.

If you want a TV that

  • Is hidden within a stone
  • Raises with a granite decorative accent
  • Mounts in a unique way on the wall
  • Drops down from your ceiling

We are likely the company you should call on.

Don’t only take our word for it though.  You can read many testimonials here on the site as well as at AngiesList.

We can also perform custom Television installations on a variety of scale.

Whether you’re looking for something just for your living room, or looking for a more comprehensive indoor or outdoor home theater experience, we can help.

Here’s an outdoor television installation we did recently for a outdoor home theater.

Custom Television Installations: The Difference is in the details

Hiding the wires, and mounting everything in such a way that the TV is the focal point.

messy Custom TV Installation
No one wants a messy TV Installation like this, yet so many companies do things this way.

You don’t want to be able to see all of the things behind the TV, but even if you do, it’s nice to have cables that are neat and tidy.

In most cases, people would like their TV to be able to be pulled out and swiveled, but still be able to be flush against the wall when the TV is not being viewed.

As you can see from the above videos, we work hard to keep everything clean, professional, and easy to use.

What about safety and the weight of TV’s?

Televisions can be heavy.

So it’s really important that you take into consideration how careful they are with how they mount your TV.

Regardless of the weight of your television, we have solutions.

As part of providing you with a free estimate, we’ll also learn more about the best way to mount your television.

It will have a luxury appearance (in terms of the design and customized install).

It will also be installed in a way that your TV will remain safe and secure for your family to be around.

A Television hidden behind a wall of art?

We build customized frames, unique backlighting systems, and have connections with manufacturers.

This means that we can often provide unique mounting hardware (including tilt and swivel frames), and can pass savings along to you.

Already have contractors?

We will also work with your contractors if you have someone you’re already working with.

Take a look at the custom television installation videos on this page, and let us know if we can help you with your custom TV install.

We work in the Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Montgomery, and all of Houston.

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