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When you contact Lighthouse Technologies, you’ll get more than just a random person on the line. You’ll be speaking with someone local (we live right here in Montgomery), and someone who is knowledgeable.

About Lighthouse Technologies

We’ve been in business for more than 12 years, and have worked in hundreds of homes all over this area. Stretching from Conroe in the north, to the Northern part of Houston, we have thousands of completed home automation installations.

Chances are good we’re already well versed in the technology you’re considering installing in your home.

It’s likely that we have some stories (from our personal experience working with your technology) to share with you why you should (or shouldn’t) install it.

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Even if we don’t end up being the company you select for your project, we love to hear from you.

We work hard to connect with our community, and want to know more about you.

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We do our very best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.
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Whether you’re looking for a bid, or simply have questions about your next home automation project, we can help.

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People contact us for lots of reasons.

Some of the most common requests people have for us are related to:

Please contact us with any technology related questions and/or ideas.