Whether you want a simple upgrade to your existing office wiring, or you’d like to redo your conference room, Lighthouse Technologies can handle it.  From initial consultation through system design, engineering, installation and client training, we’ll make your new room amazing.  We also provide professional wiring design and installation.

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Offices and Warehouse

Create a company environment and culture that is productive. Imagine streaming content from your MacBook Pro to a large video display wall. Have an Office event with video and sound displaying your branding and music throughout your workspace. View your business with surveillance cameras that you can access anywhere via mobile phones or tablets – even unlock doors and warehouses remotely.

Smart home and office automation systems
Smart boardroom automation system in Denton, TX


Technology is changing at an alarming rate. School administrators and professionals are struggling to keep up. At the same time, IT leaders in both sectors are under pressure to expand core services while also playing a pivotal role in driving greater operational and cost efficiencies.

IT Integration

We work with you to identify your critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and perform a threat analysis to determine your business risks. Completing this process allows us to design an overall technology plan with the right business IT solutions that align with your long-term business goals. Whether you have an immediate pain that needs to be resolved quickly.

Integrated technology rack system
Commercial Structured Cabling System

Infrastructure and Wiring

Your technology wiring and network is the backbone of your business. It’s mission critical. More and more devices and services require clean, fast, uninterrupted internet and wireless connections. Be sure it’s accessible, fast and consistent.

Audio Video

Audio sets the mood, video sends the message. From the moment that customers enter your building, music can soothe and set a tone. Video screens serve for maps, advertising and brand building. In meeting rooms, easy-to-use audio and video are critical for proper presentations at the touch of a button.

Automated conference room and air conditioning system

Conference Room TV Installation

Conference Room TV Installation
Paradigm Construction’s Conference Room TV Installation. Black Diamond Zero Edge Technology

When Paradigm Construction contacted us about re-doing their conference room TV and display, we knew we could do something really cool for them.

You can see the finished install in the picture above and pictures below.

Not only does this system do everything you would expect it to do (connect to any website, let them display content from any computer, YouTube NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc.), it also lets them broadcast to the TV from their mobile devices.

So if they want to show job site photos during a conference room meeting, and those photos are sitting in text messages on someone’s phone, getting them on-screen is simple and quick.

Behind the screen, we installed LED lights that are dimmable/controllable from a simple app control.

This lets Paradigm Construction create a mood around whatever content is on display, simply by changing the color of the background lights.

This conference room TV Installation includes a Zero Edge Black Diamond Screen for a projector, and a projection system from the back of the room.

Conference Room TV Installation
Conference room screen’s “Zero Edge” makes sure people stay focused on the presentation.

So, is it really a TV Installation?

Conference Room TV Installation
This Conference Room TV Installation is actually a projection system. We don’t always recommend projection, but it was the right solution for Paradigm.

Nope. It’s a projector.

We recommended this solution for Paradigm Construction because Black Diamond® material preserves the colors being produced by the projector.

Black Diamond® material rejects the ambient light from the room while accepting the light from the projector.

What this means is that wall colors, room lighting, and any other ambient light sources don’t affect the color or quality of what’s seen on the screen.

We recommended this solution (as opposed to a TV), because it lets Paradigm really display an accurate view of whatever they’re showing on-screen, regardless of how much light is coming into the conference room.

Zero Edge® means that the picture goes all the way to the edge of the display, which is really a unique viewing experience that draws and holds the focus of whoever is viewing it. (No more nodding off during those conference room meetings!)

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