Office Automation

The quality of your sound system dictates the emotional content of your message.

This is true whether you are projecting a single voice throughout the office, or putting on a full scale audio and video production.

You need an office that conveys professionalism, while having the highest quality automation systems powering everything on the backend.

Lighthouse Technologies delivers the highest level of electronic systems design.

We also help your company with all of it’s corporate automation tasks.

So when we come to do an installation of technology that enables automation of your office technology, we aren’t just building for your employees.

We’re also building an installation that will be perfect for the enjoyment of your most particular customers and guests.

Your clientèle will be greeted by exclusive and purpose built technology solutions that are designed form the ground up to enhance their experience.

Cherry Creek Mortgage’s office automation in The Woodlands
This is the rack that powers Cherry Creek Mortgage’s office automation in the woodlands
Managed Network rack cable for office automation
We keep cabling neat and tidy when we help your office with automation

Who can benefit from office automation

Our Restaurant and Lobby systems deliver seamless concert grade audio whether in the background or more prominent for events.

Retail, Offices, Churches, Meeting Rooms, learning facilities, Colleges and Universities, (anywhere people meet to communicate or shop) will benefit from the clarity and quality of our systems.

From live sound reinforcement to background music recreation, our systems perform, day-in and day-out.

Is Office Automation Technology Complicated?

Not at all.

We make it easy, friendly, and very reliable.

Automation in your office environment is easier (and often more affordable) than you might think.

Let us know what you have in mind.

Conference room TV installation - Office automation system
This is part of an office automation system we installed for a construction company in the Woodlands. This is their conference room.

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