3 of the Best Home Automation Apps: 2017 Review

So Many Home Automation AppsYes, another post about the best home automation apps.

But we’re not going to throw a top 10 list at you.

We’ve really narrowed it down… to just 3.

Reminder: At Lighthouse Technologies, we really recommend getting one full system in place.
This allows you to control whatever aspects of your home you are wanting to control, usually with just 1 app.

That said, we do think that there are some very cool apps that deal with home automation technology.  These apps let you build out systems for controlling your home.

Here is our review of 3 of the best home automation apps as of 2017.


Ninja blocks

Best Home Automation Apps Ninja BlocksWhile these are not the easiest to set up, the Ninja Blocks app, and Ninja Blocks tiny computers, as well as the Ninja Sphere, allow you to set up tiny sensors around your house.

These Ninja Blocks allow you to control almost anything.

It basically puts you in control of all of the electronics in your home, and can let you build your own app apps (within their app).

Note: They say that you can do this without any sort of programming knowledge yourself.

Truth: You will have to learn their system, and it can be a bit involved.

If you are a DIY kind of person, you will probably love Ninja Blocks.

If you are not a DIY kind of person, you may find Ninja Blocks quite difficult.

The Ninja Blocks starter kit is $199, and additional sensors cost between $5 and $15.

Here’s a Ninja Blocks Demo video:



Nest Home Automation App
Nest can be an easy way to add automation in your home.

We love Nest thermostats.

For a simple refit of a thermostat, that can be controlled by your phone, Nest is about the simplest thing you can do in your home.

We (of course) can install one for you, but most people find that they can install this for themselves.

Control it is as simple as putting the Nest app on your phone.

Note: by no means is Nest a complete home automation system.  But it is so easy to use.

This is a simple way to get some control over the temperature in your home.

And to install a Nest, you don’t have to take on a full home automation retrofit.

Here’s a Nest demo video:



DirecTV Home Automation App
DirecTV’s app lets you watch your home TV, wherever you are.

If you have a DirecTV system in your house (which, by the way, we can help save money when you install DirecTV and get set up through Lighthouse Technologies), the DirecTV app can be a pretty cool addition.

Their app lets you speak controls into their app on your device.

With your voice, you can control the receiver in your house.

You can do things like:

  • Say something like record “Breaking Bad”, or, “record all Houston Texans games”.
  • Have it go search for programs for you.
    You could say “find the Houston news”, and the receiver will go to work.
  • set your iPad to show whatever is currently on your DVR.
    As long as you are connected to a good internet connection, you can watch TV on your ipad.

Regardless of device, you can watch your chosen TV (recorded and live) through the DirecTV app.

This is a really nice for watching sports or your favorite shows, while you are traveling.

This demo video doesn’t show the voice control of the directv app, but does show some of how the directv app works.

What are the Single Best Home Automation Apps (A.K.A. One App to rule them All)?

We also mentioned this at the beginning of this review.  But we really do recommend putting together a full system plan for your whole home.

One system can lets all aspects of your home be easily automated.  One app (or maybe 2), ensures you’re not opening up a new app each time you want to do something new.

However, these apps and systems (there are many more we can share with you), give you a way to get started.

If you would like some help getting your home set up with any of the technologies mentioned in this post, or with a full home automation system, please contact us.

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